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[fluid-dev] SIGILL error on Android x86

From: Daniel Garcia Lecloux
Subject: [fluid-dev] SIGILL error on Android x86
Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2019 22:37:49 +0000


I have a problem with the audio driver on Android, when i call new_fluid_audio_driver() i get an error:

I/libOpenSLES: Emulating old channel mask behavior (ignoring positional mask 0x3, using default mask 0x3 based on channel count of 2)
W/AudioTrack: AUDIO_OUTPUT_FLAG_FAST denied by client; transfer 1, track 44100 Hz, output 48000 Hz
D/AudioTrack: Client defaulted notificationFrames to 708 for frameCount 2124
A/libc: Fatal signal 4 (SIGILL), code 2, fault addr 0x972028ca in tid 11750 (AudioTrack)

The error only comes on x86 emulator (Android Studio), x86_64 works fine.

My Java code looks like this (I'm using JNA to call native methods):

        Pointer settings, synth, player, adriver;
        settings = new_fluid_settings();
        synth = new_fluid_synth(settings);
        player = new_fluid_player(synth);
        adriver = new_fluid_audio_driver(settings, synth);

Thank you for taking your time to help me.

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