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Re: [fluid-dev] Slightly OT: Parsing SF2; duplicate pbag entries?

From: Mark Raynsford
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Slightly OT: Parsing SF2; duplicate pbag entries?
Date: Fri, 22 Feb 2019 21:29:05 +0000

On 2019-02-22T22:06:24 +0100
"Tom M." <address@hidden> wrote:
> A function f is monotonically increasing, if for all x and y such that x <= y 
> one has f(x) <= f(y). So, although pointless, specifying bags with the same 
> index multiple times does not contradict this monotonic property.

Yep, I agree.

> Section 7.5 says:
> "The preset zone’s wGenNdx points to the first generator for that preset 
> zone."
> Unfortunately this section is lacking a sentence like:
> "The number of generators present for a preset zone is determined by the 
> difference between the next higher preset zone’s wGenNdx and the current 
> preset’s wGenNdx."
> However the PMOD and PBAG sections have such statement, so the fact that PGEN 
> misses this hint is just a minor bug.

Thanks, this helps a lot. I see what it means now... wGenNdx points to
the first index (in the same style as PBAG) and I'm actually supposed
to parse n values starting at that index. The way I was interpreting it
originally was that there would be n PBAG values and there'd be a 1:1
mapping between PBAG and PGEN values for a given zone. In other words,
for each PBAG value, I look up the corresponding PGEN value. With the
arrangement of PBAG values I showed in basic.sf2, that would obviously
mean that I'd miss the all-important Instrument PGEN!

Mark Raynsford | http://www.io7m.com

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