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[fluid-dev] Help with setting volume control

From: scott andrew franco
Subject: [fluid-dev] Help with setting volume control
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 2019 18:58:36 -0700
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I am using Fluidsynth library in my program (Petit_ami on sourceforge). It is working well, but
my result is very low volume output.
A search found many other references to low volume, and the standard answer I found was to turn up
the gain on the command line version of fluidsynth (I believe -g or "gain" option). Of course that does not
apply to users of fluidsynth as a library.
I have had good luck finding various parameters via the settings call. The
"synth.gain" parameter should do it:
"The gain is applied to the final or master output of the synthesizer. It is set to a low value by default to avoid the saturation of the output when many notes are played."
It is 0-10, but is defaulted to 0.2.
However, changing this parameter had no effect on the output volume, I tried all the way up to 10.
Other details: I am using alsa device. The device it is using (by examining "audio.alsa.device") shows as "default".
Any help appreciated.
Scott A. Franco
San Jose, CA

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