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[fluid-dev] Release Candidate of fluidsynth 2.1 released

From: Tom M.
Subject: [fluid-dev] Release Candidate of fluidsynth 2.1 released
Date: Sun, 27 Oct 2019 18:38:51 +0100

A prerelease for fluidsynth 2.1 is available. Thanks to all contributors, bug 
reporters and testers!


fluidsynth 2.1 will not only bring new features, it also features changes to 
the synth engine: A new, less "ringing" reverb engine and stereophonic chorus 
are among them. Care was taken to not change how the reverb parameters affect 
the effect itself. Feel free to use this prerelease for audio rehearsal. For a 
full list of changes, pls. see the preliminary changelog below. You're welcome 
to provide feedback to any of the changes.

For those who prefer to stay stable for the moment, fluidsynth 2.0.8 is 

This prerelease is planned to become the fluidsynth 2.1.0 stable release in 
late November.

Preliminary changelog for 2.1.0:

### New features
* New, less "ringing" reverb engine (#380, thanks to @jjceresa)
* New, stereophonic chorus engine (#548, thanks to @jjceresa)
* Support for Downloadable Sounds (DLS) files was added (#320, requires 
* Improved integrity checking of SoundFont modulators (#467, thanks to 
* Rendering to stdout is now possible (#553, thanks to @mawe42)
* The following Audio Drivers have been added:
  * Oboe (#464, tested on Android, thanks to @atsushieno)
  * OpenSLES (#464, tested on Android, thanks to @atsushieno)
  * SDL2 (#478, thanks to @carlo-bramini)
  * WaveOut (#466, tested on Win98, WinNT4.0, WinXP, thanks to @carlo-bramini)
* Various performance improvements (#543, #545,  #547,  #569,  #573)

### Bug fixes
* Generator `modEnvAttack` now has a convex shape according to SoundFont spec 


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