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[fluid-dev] Separate midi file into parts and play over network

From: Ruoshui Mao
Subject: [fluid-dev] Separate midi file into parts and play over network
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 2019 00:06:57 -0500

Hi! I'm working on a networking music program and I have several questions about FluidSynth.

My goal is to play a midi file but play different channels on different computers, all at the same time. I'll have access to all machines and will write a server and client c program to manage networking problems. Is FluidSynth the right library to use?

With this library, I would like to send different midi channels to different (networked) outputs. fluid_synth_process() seems to do that, but its output is in the form of int arrays. How do I go about transferring arrays across a network so the client program can read and play the data just in time? (Do I have to somehow "drive" the playing process if I'm only using this function and not with a driver? How do I do that?)


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