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Re: [fluid-dev] Adding C++ as mandatory dependency?

From: Carlo Bramini
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Adding C++ as mandatory dependency?
Date: Tue, 21 Jan 2020 19:50:34 +0100 (CET)

Hello friends and happy new year, although a bit late...
If I can say my opinion, I disagree with the use of C++ code.
>From my experience, C++ is not a good idea sometimes, especially when you want 
>to maximize the performance and minimize the memory usage.
You may want to look the code of other important piece of code existing. For 
example, look the sources of the linux kernel. It is written in pure C and 
there should be a reason for that.
However, that's just my opionion, I hope that you will find my message useful.


> Il 17 gennaio 2020 alle 16.34 "Tom M. via fluid-dev" <address@hidden> ha 
> scritto:
> The most recent revisal of fluidsynth's sequencer has raised the
> question of whether C++98 can become a mandatory dependency for
> fluidsynth. Most importantly:
> * Can we put C++ code into fluidsynth?
> * Is there anybody out there who has any concerns or objections for a
> C++ dependency?
> A few more question that arise from the above:
> * Do we want to port fluidsynth to C++ completely?
> * Or should only new code/features be C++, existing C code stays
> untouched unless a complete rewrite is required?
> * Or do we only want minimal glue code for C++ stdlib features, rest stays C?
> Any feedback about that is welcome.
> Note that fluidsynth's API is unaffected and stays written in C.
> Detailed background information about proposed changes on GitHub:
> https://github.com/FluidSynth/fluidsynth/pull/604
> **Spoiler:**
> Keep in mind that we are only talking about C++98. There is no benefit
> in porting fluidsynths entire codebase to C++98 (esp. not in terms of
> getting rid of glib). However, for this particular revisal, some
> features of the C++ standard library come in handy, allowing a simple
> and lightweight implementation.
> Tom
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