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[fluid-dev] Questions about fluidsynth API

From: Benoit Tachet
Subject: [fluid-dev] Questions about fluidsynth API
Date: Thu, 6 Feb 2020 14:15:20 +0000

Hello, fluid-dev team,


I’d like to use your API system to run a MIDI-like software (to run a homemade giant piano).


At first, I used a MIDI board directly linked to an Arduino, but now, I want to use a raspberry pi board to add some new features, and I’m facing a huge problem : if I press 2 keys almost simultaneously, there is only one of them which is played (all sounds are supposed to out on MIDI channel 0). I have tried to reduce synth gain, as it seemed to change something on it, according to what I understood on the reference, but it does not seems to change anything…

Is there any way to change this ? Thank you very much.


Benoit Tachet


PS : Excuse me if there is any grammar mistakes, I’m not English native…

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