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[fluid-dev] rendering midi to pcm in memory

From: Jos van den Oever
Subject: [fluid-dev] rendering midi to pcm in memory
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2020 00:18:02 +0100

Dear FluidSynth people,

Is it possible to render midi non-realtime to memory? The amount of memory 
that is needed per unit of time is known so it should be possible to render to 
a preallocated buffer.

I know that I can render to a file, but I'd like to do more with the rendered 
midi than just write it to a file. Is this what the "waveout" driver is for? I 
scanned the the code for an example or documentation on how to use it, but did 
not succeed so far.

My goal is to modify a midi file or synthesizer sequence in a loop and render 
it to a wave and subsequently a spectrum. The resulting spectrum leads to a 
new midi file/sequence and so on.


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