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Re: [fluid-dev] About Supporting 2GiB+ Soundfonts on Windows

From: Tom M.
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] About Supporting 2GiB+ Soundfonts on Windows
Date: Tue, 17 Mar 2020 15:15:03 +0100

There is no guarantee that sf->sffd is a FILE* . Again, this is exposed via 
our API. sf->sffd is a void*, which could be some user defined handle, which, 
when passing to fseek(), would result in an access violation and in a 
horrible, possibly-hard-to-reproduce crash of the entire application.

I do not quite understand why you think that fseek() should fail. It only 
commands to seek to the end of the file. How this is accomplished is up to the 
CRT. Even if _fseeki64/_ftelli64 are not available (as it seems to be the case 
on Windows XP), the implemenation could just use _lseeki64/_ltelli64 under the 
hood [1].

And yes, due to the RIFF chunks SF2 is limited to 4GiB in total.

[1] https://de.osdn.net/projects/mingw/lists/archive/users/2018-April/


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