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[fluid-dev] Fluid Synth CC1 Tremolo

From: David Back
Subject: [fluid-dev] Fluid Synth CC1 Tremolo
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2020 07:31:51 +0000 (UTC)

Hi All

Thanks for the latest updates. At least my Estey sound font has passed the test and I will now use this for all future testing.

The problem may well lie in the midi channels - It seems that both you and the FS documentation (and perhaps me) are confusing midi channels with fluidsynth channels. They are completely different.

I am using 32 FSchans in eplayOrgan. Each FSchan has a different midi Patch in order to provide multiple instruments which can optionally (by pulling stops) all play at the same time. The notes of all these instruments are sent to their respective FSchans when synth noteon/s are executed. By this stage any midi channels are not relevant and certainly not sent to the synth. This has been proven to work beyond doubt.

Midi channels are limited to a maximum of 16 and are those used in midi files and midi ports to provide separate paths for the various midi instruments (patches). Once the midi events have been processed to produce commands for the synth they are no longer relevant. The synth uses FSchannels.

The documentation for BOTH fluid_synth_cc() and fluid_synth_noteon() references "midi channels" as below whereas, certainly for noteon, it actually means FSchannels. 

"Parameters for cc:
synth FluidSynth instance
chan MIDI channel number (0 to MIDI channel count - 1)
num MIDI controller number (0-127)
val MIDI controller value (0-127)

Parameters for noteon:
synthFluidSynth instance
chanMIDI channel number (0 to MIDI channel count - 1)
keyMIDI note number (0-127)
velMIDI velocity (0-127, 0=noteoff)"

Just because something works from the command prompt does not necessarily mean that it will work when another programmer tries to make it work by using the documented procedures; especially if the documentation is either wrong or ambiguous.

Please clarify whether the parameters for fluid_synth_cc() and fluid_synth_noteon() refer to FSchannels or midi channels.

Thank you
PS. I did not see what Christian wrote because he did not send me a copy.

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