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[fluid-dev] Which libs really needed for Android

From: Stanislav Kokorev
Subject: [fluid-dev] Which libs really needed for Android
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 12:42:09 +0300


Sorry for stupid question. I have no experience in C/C++.

I made an xamarin forms app for Android. The app is midi controller.
It sends notes to Fluidsynth by VolcanoMobile and works fine with
custom soundfont (sf2) with drum samples.
But, my users are lazy and want my app to play directly without
installing additional app.and loading sountfont manually.
That's why I'm trying to integrate fluidsynth to my app.

I have downloaded fluidsynth-2.1.5-android.zip. It contains a lot of libs.
Firstly I have added just libfluidsynth.so  as AndroidNativeLibrary.
But that was not enough to play sound. That generates unknown exception..

Then I have added to the project all  these ".so" files that were in zip .
Now fluidsynth works inside my app. I managed to sent NoteOn and
NoteOff and hear sound.
But my questions is - why there are so many ".so" files.
Looks like i don't need them all to my very limited needs.
Which of the following libs are really needed ?

1 libfluidsynth.so
2 liboboe.so
3 libfluidsynth-assetloader.so
4 libc++_shared.so
5 libcharset.so
6 libffi.so
7 libFLAC.so
8 libgio-2.0.so
9 libglib-2.0.so
10 libgmodule-2.0.so
11 libgobject-2.0.so
12 libgthread-2.0.so
13 libiconv.so
14 libintl.so
15 libogg.so
16 libsndfile.so
17 libvorbis.so
18 libvorbisenc.so
19 libvorbisfile.so
20 libz.so
21 preloadable_libiconv.so

Thanks in advance,

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