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Re: [fluid-dev] Which libs really needed for Android

From: Tom M.
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Which libs really needed for Android
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2020 13:29:45 +0200

> why there are so many ".so" files.

Because fluidsynth itself depends on 3rd party software, most notably
glib. And this 3rd party software depends on other software. And that
software depends on software which... ultimately... depends on the
Android NDK.

VolcanoMobile has customized fluidsynth, by removing parts of it,
stripping away functionality, and therefore getting rid of many 3rd
party software, getting rid of many dependency dependencies. But this
approach is unmaintainable and thus not supported by upstream

> Which of the following libs are really needed ?

All of them, in case you intend to use the prebuilt Android libraries.

Ofc feel free to cross-compile fluidsynth by yourself, which contains
only the things you really need. That way, you'd get rid of liboboe.so
and its dependency libc++_shared.so . This however only applies to
fluidsynth 2.1.5, because starting from version 2.2.0, C++ will be
required by fluidsynth. You may be able to get rid of more libs by
customizing fluidsynth. However, this will be very tricky for someone
with no experience in C/C++.


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