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[fluid-dev] Android app questions and issues

From: Stanislav Kokorev
Subject: [fluid-dev] Android app questions and issues
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2020 11:34:06 +0300

Hi again,
I'm writing Android app to play midi drum patterns with FluidSynth and
good gm  soundbank.
I have added all libs from fluidsynth-2.1.5-android to the project.
It works for arm64-v8a, but there are few questions:

1) Not enough loud:
At present I set gain to 0.4 and one of my testers with Samsung A50
already reports artifacts in sound.
On my phone it works fine with gain 0.8 but drums instruments are
sounding a bit rough.
So. I'm afraid to add more then 0.4 gain to public version.
However, same soundfont sounds as twice as louder and properly when
playing via external VolcanoMobile.
So, there should be chance to increase volume, but  I failed to find
volume function.

2) I'm new to sound generation. There are settings "audio.period-size"
and "synth.sample-rate".
My phone reports FramesPerBuffer=192 and SampleRate =48K , while
default seems to be 64 and 44.1K.
I have tried both variants and don't hear any difference.
What is recommended approach?

3) Not so critical for my app, but just curious. My phone responds as
supporting pro audio and low latency audio.
Tried to set "audio.oboe.performance-mode" as "LowLatency" but as I
can see in debugger that mode 12 was changed back to mode 10.

4) And finally, real issue: libs for armeabi-v7a are not working.
The only message I can catch is "Exception has been thrown by the
target of an invocation'".
If to replace "libfluidsynth.so" file with compact file from
volcanomobile  then it works, but no sound due to volcano's version
seems to have no audiodrivers.
Any chance to make armeabi-v7a working?

Thanks in advance,

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