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Re: [fluid-dev] parallel loading of soundfont samples

From: Hamish Moffatt
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] parallel loading of soundfont samples
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2020 11:20:45 +1100
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On 29/10/20 12:50 am, Marcus Weseloh wrote:

Am Mi., 28. Okt. 2020 um 13:10 Uhr schrieb Ceresa Jean-Jacques
Now we should try the suggested test to run 2 fluidsynth console applications 
(a1, a2) at the same time (not sequencially) and measure the total time.
That's a really good idea to quickly test if parallel loading has
merit. A quick test on my machine (i5-3210M CPU @ 2.50GHz × 4) and the
MuseScore_General.sf3 (ca. 40MB) Soundfont on SSD with the following
test script:

Here are my results for on a 6 core i7-3930K (8 years old) on SSD, with one of the SF3 files from my application. Almost no change until we have used up all the cores.

time ./bench.sh 1
real    0m3.505s
user    0m3.287s
sys    0m0.116s

time ./bench.sh 2
real    0m3.537s
user    0m6.604s
sys    0m0.256s

time ./bench.sh 3
real    0m3.629s
user    0m10.148s
sys    0m0.408s

time ./bench.sh 4
real    0m3.716s
user    0m13.936s
sys    0m0.477s

time ./bench.sh 5
real    0m3.784s
user    0m17.682s
sys    0m0.652s

time ./bench.sh 6
real    0m3.890s
user    0m21.438s
sys    0m0.819s

time ./bench.sh 7
real    0m5.066s
user    0m27.390s
sys    0m0.994s

Now if I make two copies of this file and load both, in series

real    0m6.870s
user    0m6.566s
sys    0m0.200s

in parallel:

real    0m3.597s
user    0m6.727s
sys    0m0.240s


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