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[fluid-dev] GitHub Discussions

From: Marcus Weseloh
Subject: [fluid-dev] GitHub Discussions
Date: Tue, 8 Dec 2020 21:12:01 +0100

Hi all,

GItHub has recently opened the new "Discussions" feature for
everybody. It's basically a simple forum inside a GitHub repository.
I would like to suggest that we enable this feature in our repo, as it
seems to fill an area that is currently lacking: an easy and low
barrier of entry way to ask questions about the usage of fluidsynth.

We do get the occasional usage question posted via GitHub issues. And
while we (or most often Tom) close those issues straight away and
point to the mailing list instead, people rarely sign up and post a
message here. So by enabling Discussions in our repo, I have the hope
that we get some more community activity.

What do you think?


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