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[fluid-dev] Tuning-keys in recent version of fluidsynth

From: Ruben Gjertsen
Subject: [fluid-dev] Tuning-keys in recent version of fluidsynth
Date: Tue, 23 Feb 2021 13:53:00 +0100


I tried to write an e-mail to:
This did not reach the reach person, so I’m trying again, to this list:


I’m have been using fluidsynth a indirectly, through externals for Max on Mac. Fluidsynth have been very important for 2 apps for experimenting with microtonal tuning:

But, in the latest 64-bit Max external, the command 'tuning-keys' has stopped working as before. This was to me a very important feature, as you may define a non-standard tuning for every single note on the keyboard, and even continous interpolations between tuning systems, as a stepwise glissando. This effect is more complex than using pitchbend on all keys at once in the same direction, and I have based pieces on it.

Did you remove this function, and could you consider bringing it back? This could then eventually spread to a new Max external which allows me to continue using my instrument on new computers. As I have nothing to do with the development of the Max external, I do not have insights in where the changes have happened.

And if 'tuning-keys' is still available, but in a different syntax, I would be interested in seeing some documentation. Then perhaps minor adjustments could fix my instruments.

Ruben Gjertsen

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