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[fluid-dev] Problems with Ladspa effects

From: Carlos de Miguel Arribas
Subject: [fluid-dev] Problems with Ladspa effects
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021 09:48:55 +0100

Hello everyone,

I'm having problems using Ladspa effects in Fluidsynth, maybe you could help me.

I would like to use Fluidsynth to read a midi file, and export each midi channel in a different wav file, for this I am using "fluid_synth_process". I would also like each channel to have a Ladspa effects chain, with 2 or 3 effects per channel. To connect the effects within the same channel I am using buffers. For example for channel 1, I have this effects chain:

Main:L1 -> Eq -> buffer -> Compressor -> Main:L1
Main:R1 -> Eq -> buffer -> Compressor -> Main:R1

Specifically I have 5 midi channels that I would like to export, but I am getting an error from fluidsynth when I have 5 effects added: "Maximum number of nodes reached".
I don't understand why I get this error, in the Fluidsynth source code I could see that the maximum number of nodes is 100, and I don't exceed that number of effects + buffers.

I also have my doubts with the configuration of "synth.audio-channels" and "synth.audio-groups" for this particular case. I'm using 5 audio channels and 5 audio groups, but maybe this configuration is not correct.

Best regards and thanks a lot in advance.

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