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Re: [fluid-dev] Problems with Ladspa effects

From: Carlos de Miguel Arribas
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] Problems with Ladspa effects
Date: Fri, 5 Mar 2021 20:16:03 +0100

Thanks for responding so quickly. I will modify that maximum number of nodes for now, although I hope it will be officially fixed soon.

Best regards.

El vie, 5 mar 2021 a las 14:01, Marcus Weseloh (<marcus@weseloh.cc>) escribió:
Hi again,

I've create an issue on GitHub to further discuss the required code changes:


Am Fr., 5. März 2021 um 13:51 Uhr schrieb Marcus Weseloh <marcus@weseloh.cc>:
> Hi Carlos,
> your thinking about the audio-channels and audio-groups is correct and
> should work as you intended.
> And the reason why you are seeing the "Maximum number of nodes
> reached" error is because we were way too conservative when setting
> the upper bound for nodes in the effects graph, I see that now.
> The think is, that nearly everythink in the LADSPA system is a "node",
> including controls for effects. So loading a single effect that has 5
> controls already creates 6 nodes. The host mono buffers are also
> nodes, as are the user created buffers.
> So reaching the current upper limit of 100 nodes is actually not too
> difficult, especially in a multi-channel setup like yours.
> We could simply increase the MAX_NODES count to something like 500 or
> more... but maybe it might be even better to simply do dynamic
> allocation here.
> As a quick fix, you could simply change FLUID_LADSPA_MAX_NODES in
> bindings/fluid_ladspa.c to a higher number and compile it again.
> Cheers
> Marcus

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