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Re: [fluid-dev] More details about fluidsynth versions with implemented

From: Marcus Weseloh
Subject: Re: [fluid-dev] More details about fluidsynth versions with implemented 'tuning-keys' command.
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2021 22:45:25 +0100

Hi Ruben,

thanks for the additional details. Just to clarify: the tuning of
individual notes or whole octaves has not been removed from
FluidSynth. That feature still works as intended and is also not
planned for removal, it is an integral and important part of the

What has been removed is the interface between FluidSynth and Max. And
not just the tuning commands of that interface (which apparently were
never included in FluidSynth anyway, only in third-party code), but
the *whole* interface. So the part that your Max (or the Max external,
not sure about the architecture here) speaks to, it has gone. We
removed it several years ago because the code was completely
unmaintained, probably broken, nobody who currently works on
FluidSynth knew anything about it and there was no way to even test it
(because we don't use or even have access to Max). And you are the
first person since then to come forward with an interest in the Max

So the question is, how can we help you. Simply putting the Max
binding back into FluidSynth is probably not going to happen. Again,
because as far as I know, nobody who actively works on FluidSynth has
knowledge about Max or the Max bindings. And because we have no way to
test the code, even if we had some idea on how it works. (Please
correct me if I'm wrong here, Tom.)

It might be possible to maintain the Max bindings independently of
FluidSynth, though. So taking the old code you found and then somehow
compiling a Max external(?) that interfaces to the current FluidSynth.
But again, as I don't really know anything about Max, I can't say for
sure. But I would gladly help you move into that direction, if you


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