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[fluid-dev] preset change via midi CC 72

From: Joe Dery
Subject: [fluid-dev] preset change via midi CC 72
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 2021 15:29:08 -0500

synth fans, first post; I was not able to find my question in the archives. I hope not just a failure of imagination in the search terms!

I have been running fluid on a rpi-4 connected to a Arturia MiniLab mkII controller, based roughly on tutorials akin to:

command line;

fluidsynth -si -p "fluid" -C0 -R0 -r48000 -c2 -z1024 -d -f inst/default -a alsa -m alsa_seq &

(followed by some `aconnect` commands to hook in the controller)

this works fine playing from the soundfont preset 0, but many fonts have a few other presets.
I'd like to use that controller (or another like it) to change presets.
Is there a way to do that?

example output from the terminal when I move one of these pots (CC on the lower right)

event_pre_cc 0 72 6

event_post_cc 0 72 6

event_pre_cc 0 72 7

event_post_cc 0 72 7

so, MIDI CC ID 72, value 6->7

I thought maybe by using the 'router' to assign this to CC 0, typically 'bank select'.  But I haven't seen this work to change the preset.  Am I thinking of it wrong?  Thanks ahead for the advice!

'inst/default' file content

echo "setting gain"

gain 3

echo "router cc begin"


router_begin cc

router_chan 72 72 0 0


echo "router cc done"

echo "loading soundfont"

load "/home/pi/sf2/Essential Keys-sforzando-v9.6.sf2"

echo "loaded"

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