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[fluid-dev] Rendering multiple Synthesizers to a single WAV-File

From: Tim Heitkamp
Subject: [fluid-dev] Rendering multiple Synthesizers to a single WAV-File
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2023 00:47:58 +0100
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Dear FluidSynth-Team,

Is it possible to render multiple synthesizer-outputs (which are registered to a single sequencer) to a single WAV-File?

I have multiple Tracks, each containing MIDI-Events on shared MIDI-Channels and I want to apply effects (e.g. Reverb) to a single Track. The effects should not affect MIDI-Events from other Tracks, which are using the shared MIDI-Channels. My solution to this problem would be using multiple synthesizers which have an identical setup (e.g. soundfonts on channels) apart from the effects. Then all Events would be passed into a Sequencer, which can then pass on the events at the scheduled times to the according synthesizers. This solution to the problem leads to the question I asked in the beginning. A solution using a single synthesizer would be even better.

Thanks in Advance and best Regards

Tim Heitkamp

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