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Re: Dink Smallwood - polish translation

From: ikskoks xkoks
Subject: Re: Dink Smallwood - polish translation
Date: Mon, 1 May 2023 15:02:27 +0200

Hi Keiran, so is there any update on this case?
I put in DW as well.

I would like to see my PO file for polish translation integrated with FreeDink in the near future. :)

Best Regards,

sob., 8 kwi 2023 o 09:06 Sylvain Beucler <> napisał(a):
Forwarding this to the new maintainer.
I'm not dealing with FreeDink anymore.


On 08/04/2023 00:10, ikskoks xkoks wrote:
> Dear beuc,
> I'm writing to you regarding translation for Dink Smallwood (GNU FreeDink).
> I've prepared for you polish localization files that can be integrated
> with FreeDink.
> They are included as an attachment to this e-mail. If possible, I would
> like to ask to skip TP and maintain my translation on my own.
> In the future I can also prepare polish versions of the in-game graphics
> if this is supported by FreeDink, but I couldn't find any instruction on
> how to do it, so I didn't do it for now.
> P.S. I've also prepared polish version for "Dink Smallwood HD". You can
> see gameplay here (as well as polish graphics and custom fonts) in action:
> <>
> Best Regards,
> Bartlomiej.

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