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[Freefont-bugs] FreeSerif.ttf on RedHat 7.3 - corrupted characters

From: Rok Papež
Subject: [Freefont-bugs] FreeSerif.ttf on RedHat 7.3 - corrupted characters
Date: Thu, 9 May 2002 22:56:07 +0200
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Red Hat 7.3

address@hidden TrueType]$ md5sum FreeSerif* 
c34746553ef422dcaadcacdb4c68d632  FreeSerifBoldItalic.ttf
53728ee3876a0954cac61694b2a26539  FreeSerifBold.ttf
bd95a51d39cb0ab7190d3f1b64c75f5c  FreeSerifItalic.ttf
ad6e5f3324ffb3cd24f8fb134c076dd1  FreeSerif.ttf

At first FreeSerif worked OK but soon after "fooling" around with OpenOffice 
the font glyphs started using double horizontal space, glyphs overlapping 
each other. This is not application specific, font is unusable in any X 
application I've tried.

The only font affected is FreeSerif *normal*. Any other version Italic/Bold of 
FreeSerif works OK.

I'm attaching a PNG with defect details (Hopefully 14KB attachment is OK).

best regards,
Rok Papež.

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