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[Freefont-bugs] Request to remove incomplete Sinhala glyphs

From: Harshula
Subject: [Freefont-bugs] Request to remove incomplete Sinhala glyphs
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2009 00:11:27 +1100

Hi Steve,

The Sinhala glyphs in FreeSerif.sfd are incomplete and cause us [1] a
few headaches.

I had a look in the freefont-bugs mailing list archive and came across
your announcement regarding the deletion of Telugu glyphs [2].

Freefont's Sinhala glyphs fall into the same category. When Sinhala
users have issues with fonts in Open Office, it is almost always because
of Freefont. I generally advice the deletion of the Freefont fonts. But
that is an inappropriate solution.

In the short term, would you please consider deleting the incomplete
Sinhala glyphs from Freefont?

If you want to compare Freefont to a working Sinhala font, you can have
a look at the LKLUG font [3]. To compare the output, copy some Sinhala
text from Sinhala Wikipedia [4] and paste it in Open Office.

If you want me to create some testcases or you have questions, I am more
than happy to assist.



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