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[Freefont-bugs] Hebrew Character Position

From: Johannes Heck
Subject: [Freefont-bugs] Hebrew Character Position
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2011 08:40:29 +0200

Hello List,
im a new subscriber from Germany. At first, I’d like to thank you for this great Font. It is really usefull to me because i often typeset documents that include german, hebrew and greek at once.
Currently I’m using the XeLaTeX engine for that. The ligatures are really nice!
But I noticed that some combining marks aren’t placed “nice” in combination with some consonants in hebrew. Especially this is the case for a “gimel” (05D2) with a “dagesh” (05BC) or a “Yod” (05D9) with a “hiriq” (05B4). They both should be placed a little bit mor left. I’ve made a snapshot of an example:
Is there any way to correct these behaviour? Is this a XeLaTeX-problem or is it caused by the font?

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