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[Freefont-bugs] upcoming release

From: Steve White
Subject: [Freefont-bugs] upcoming release
Date: 21 Apr 2012 04:42:34 -0700
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 13:42:24 +0200
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.21+46 (b01d63af6fea) (2011-07-01)

A new release is imminent.  Please have a look at SVN, let me know if I
missed any urgent fixes.

Snapshots are available for those who need them.

Here's what the last draft of the upcoming news item looks like.

Lots of things changed in this release.

Main efforts

Latin, Greek, Cyrillic: Overall glyph-by-glyph standardization of spacing,
re-did kerning based on the new spacing.

Arabic: (Serif roman) re-did all letters, made better to resemble modern type 
in the Nask style, and to better make use of intermediate forms. 
Completed the main Arabic range, and Arabic Supplement-B, as well as the first 
section of Arabic Supplement-A (all but ligatures).
Made a Serif bold version.
Created Arabic range for Mono.

Took some steps to make the Arabic range functional for 
    Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Pashto, Uighur, and Malay 
(as well as adding letters used in African scripts).

Cyrillic: Serbian/Macedonian localized forms for de, cursive gje, sha, be, ta, 
        Bulgarian alternative forms for several letters (serif, as Style Set)
        (Sans) letters for Abkhaz and Azerbaijani, and Nivkh.

Devanagari: Imported glyphs into Serif and SerifBold from the Velthuis latex 
font, intending support for Hindi, Marathi, and Sanskrit, and including 
localized glyphs for Calcutta, Bombay, and Napali.
        Also overhauled range in Sans, adding some glyphs and rearranging
        some tables.  Made a bold face for Sans as well.

Gujarati: Implemented range in Serif using glyphs from Samyak Gujarati font.
        Deleted whole range in Sans (needs to start over again anyway).

Malayalaam:  (Sans) Replaced range in Sans with with Meera 04 font Swathanthra 
Malayalam Computing

Oriya: Implemented range in Serif using glyphs from Samyak Oriya font.

Gurmukhi: Replaced range in Serif using glyphs from the Punjabi font by Hardip 
Singh Pannu

Sinhala: (Serif) made a bold face

Old Italic in FreeMono (new letters constructed by S. White)

Other additions

IPA: letters for North American languages Saanich/Musqueam, Kwak̕wala:
some replacements for d-, l-, t-apostrophe

Runic: completely re-did range to fit weight of monospace, and to look better.

Syriac: made new Unicode letters like those from Tim Erikson's Carlo Ator

Thaana: made bold version

Small Caps: added replacement glyphs and tables for core Latin letters.
        also glyphs for script-size letters.  (regular and bold only so far)

substitution look-up tables:
        small caps, caps to small caps,
        old-style figures,
        proportional numbers,
        slashed zero,
        vulgar fractions,

various additions to:
        Letterlike symbols
        Miscellaneous symbols
        Mathematical Operators
        Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-A
        Miscellaneous Mathematical Symbols-B
        Phonetic Extensions
        Punctuation, new Punctuation Supplemental range
        Geometric Shapes

Bengali: added ganda mark

Malayalam: added new Unicode characters, corrected some marks in Sans.

Combining Diacritical marks: completed in mono

Currency: (Serif) Indian Rupee courtesy of Daniel Johnson

Specials: filled out range in all faces

Control Pictures: filled out range in regular style of each face

Greek: lunate letters

Latin Extended-A: Shona letters, other African letters

H-hook (U+A7AA) for Chadian languages

Project version control switched from CVS to SVN.

Hashed out how the license works with Web Fonts technologies.
New file webfont_guidelines.txt contains instructions.

Re-arranged the tools directory

Filled in IBM Classifications

Removed angle-brackets from license text that triggered bugs in some software.
Likewise scripts to automatically clean up the SVN version string in fonts.

Cleaned up some incorrect Indic language lookups, that weren't
being triggered correctly due to FontForge bugs.

Lots of validation issues (some due to changes to font, some due to changes in 

Much fiddling with accents in Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, for various reasons,
        including bug reports.
        Sans: acute and grave accent on capitals made to fit in line,
        Serif, Sans: Hungarian umlaut and double-grave relaxed angle a bit.
        Regularized bullet-like characters somewhat
Greek, Serif Cyrillic: Made Phi, Ef more distinct
        Reduced sizes of hooks on many letters.
Hebrew: Adjusted marks, cantillation points; widened Hebrew wide letters more.
        Made yod in Yiddish distinct from Hebrew.
Osmanya: Corrected Unicode values.
Super/Sub scripts: Regularized positioning--All the "superior" numerals and a
        few superscript Latin letters got positioned so they go over the em
        height. Latin ordinals are positioned parallel to em height. 
        Many glyphs made to reference new small caps and script-size glyphs.
Malayalam: Rearranged some incorrect lookups.
Tamil: Several tables added to resolve spacing issues.

Thanks to 
Daniel Johnson
Tim Erikson
Emmanuel Vallois
Zdeněk Wagner
Monika Shah
Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (Praveen A., Santhosh Thottingal), who host the Samyak fonts (especially Rahul Bhalerao)
Jason Woolman (of Musqueam First Nation)
Chris Harvey (LanguageGeek -- advice on Unicode accent use)
Timothy Montler (Saanich and Salish advice)
Samyak font admin Rahul Bhalerao
Pavel Skrylev
Alessandro Ceschini for advice on Cyrillic
Tim Erickson for his advice on Syriac fonts
Sander van Geloven
Masoud Pourmoosa
Savannah maintenance team
Karl Berry (molto, molto!)
Numerous issue reporters, question-askers, detractors, and users!

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