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Re: [Freefont-bugs] Freefont bug: Incorrect character for U+240E SYMBOL

From: ropers
Subject: Re: [Freefont-bugs] Freefont bug: Incorrect character for U+240E SYMBOL FOR SHIFT OUT
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2019 18:18:27 +0200

Oops, sorry, I hadn't seen the "cloudy" link you had sent off-list.
I've seen it now.  This certainly instantly fixes my own issue, but
maybe a public release could help more people?  I'd love to have
something I could point people to or that I could tell people to do.
I'm also trying to write a little program and I might want to mention
the U+240E thing as something I stumbled upon along the way, and it
would be great to have a solution ready if and when I get to that

For avoidance of doubt: I understand you didn't want me to share the
"cloudy" link, but presumably redistributing those files under the
terms of the GPL is fine?

Thank you ever so much!


On 07/09/2019, ropers <address@hidden> wrote:
> Hi Steve --do you prefer Steve or Stevan, as per your email?--,
> Thanks for getting back to me on that. :)
> Do you have that link you mentioned, to a recent build?
> I couldn't find a more recent release than 2012-05-03, but then I
> understand a build isn't necessarily the same thing as a release.
> I did find e.g. a FreeSans.sdf file in Subversion
> <>,
> but I haven't really researched how to convert this to ttf. (Any quick
> hints on that?*)
> I have found a FreeSans.ttf file in CVS
> <>,
> but this is again from 2012. (I did see the note about the CVS->SVN
> switchover <>.)
> Will there be another release?
> If not, do you have any howtos/instructions that might suit ordinary
> users wishing to update their Freefont to the latests and greatest (on
> Unix-likes, e.g. Ubuntu, OpenBSD, etc.)?
> I have read INSTALL, which mentions a freefont-ttf.tar.gz, which I
> haven't however been able to find for anything more recent than 2012.
> I also suspect that even if I'm able to "roll my own" from what is
> there, probably many distros etc. won't update to the latest and
> greatest unless there's another release.
> Thanks for your time.
> Thanks and regards,
> Ian
> (Ian Ropers)
> *footnote:
> Apparently there are online sdf to ttf converters, but I'm not sure if
> their use complies with both the GPL and their T&Cs. (Beware the
> cloud.)
>   I've also tried  manual conversion by opening sdf files in (the to
> me somewhat alien) FontForge and then generating a ttf from there,
> but:
> a) I'm not sure if I should worry about the warning saying the Em-Size
> 1000 isn't a power of two (should it be 1024?),
> b) even after ignoring that warning, I still got a lengthy list of errors,
> and
> c) even when unchecking the Validation box, I still got an error about
> Bengali that I didn't understand.
> So while I can kinda, sorta create a FreeSans.ttf with the correct
> U+240E glyph, I really have no idea what I'm doing, and if the font
> I'm generating isn't worse than the old one in a hundred places, the
> latter's incorrect U+240E glyph notwithstanding. So rolling my own is
> probably not the best option for me or most people; grabbing a release
> would be a gazillion times easier. Of course releases don't grow on
> trees either, and I know that, so please don't misconstrue this as
> whining and making demands; let's just file this under "user
> experience feedback", and you do you, no pressure. ;)
> On 04/09/2019, Steve White <address@hidden> wrote:
>> Hi Ian,
>> This problem isn't present in recent builds.  I'll send you a link.
>> Don't hesitate to file a bug report (preferably at
>> if you see any further
>> issues!
>> Thanks!
>> On Sun, Sep 1, 2019 at 3:01 AM ropers <address@hidden> wrote:
>>> Hello GNU/Stevan :),
>>> I think I have found a bug in GNU FreeFont, or specifically in the
>>> FreeMono, FreeSans and FreeSerif fonts:
>>> The character for U+240E SYMBOL FOR SHIFT OUT appears to be incorrect in
>>> those.
>>> The two small constituent letters you define for that character are SS
>>> (two esses).
>>> The correct letters should be SO (ess-oh). Compare
>>> <>.
>>> While it's true that the actual C0 control codes[1] remain unprintable
>>> in Unicode, getting this right is nonetheless somewhat fundamental,
>>> since these Control Pictures[2] are supposed to be printable direct
>>> equivalents to the corresponding unprintable standard ASCII
>>> characters. So for applications where unprintable ASCII characters
>>> need to be printed, this is a very basic part of the ASCII character
>>> set that your fonts are currently getting wrong.
>>> I am sadly not sufficiently familiar with the somewhat less modern and
>>> quirky FontForge UI to be able to fix this myself in a hurry,
>>> otherwise I would have offered a fix and not just a bug report. In
>>> theory copying and pasting the little O from U+2401 SYMBOL FOR START
>>> OF HEADING to U+240E SYMBOL FOR SHIFT OUT could be enough; actually I
>>> did manage to do that, but I couldn't get things aligned correctly and
>>> I am not enough of a typographer to even know what the correct
>>> alignment would be, so I should probably leave that to someone who
>>> knows what they're doing, so over to you it is.
>>> Related info:
>>> [1] <>
>>> [2] <>
>>> <>
>>> Thanks for your attention to this.
>>> Thanks and regards,
>>> Ian
>>> (Ian Ropers)

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