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Re: [Freefont-bugs] Font licensing

From: Rick Marczak
Subject: Re: [Freefont-bugs] Font licensing
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2019 22:18:19 -0400

Do I need to include a special ReadMe file or something in the folder that I put the font in?


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From: Steve White
Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2019 5:09 AM
To: lpdirectdraw7
Cc: address@hidden
Subject: Re: [Freefont-bugs] Font licensing




The following is my opinion on the subject:


In delivering the font or any part of it, it is crucial that you make

absolutely obvious to your customer that GNU FreeFont is a separate

product, that it is free software available elsewhere, and that you

provide the GNU FreeFont documents to the customer in an absolutely

transparent way.


It should be adequate to place GNU FreeFont and all its documents in

separate folder in whatever delivery media you use, in such a way that

the customer will easily see it and be able to read the documents.  If

your software installs or copies the GNU FreeFont software into the

customer's  system, the software should inform the customer that it is

doing so, that GNU FreeFont is free software available elsewher, and

where the customer can find the documents of GNU FreeFont.


You must not insert GNU FreeFont or any part  or modification of it

into the binary files of your non-free product (that would be

"embedding").  GNU FreeFont must in no way be used as "a part" of your

product. You must not deliver GNU FreeFont or any modification of it

without making it absolutely clear to your customer that they have

received GNU FreeFont.  You must not obscure the fact in any way that

GNU FreeFont is free sofware available elsewhere, or obscure its



Let us know if you have any further questions!


On Fri, Sep 13, 2019 at 7:59 PM lpdirectdraw7 via Freefont-bugs

<address@hidden> wrote:


> I am looking to build a for profit video game. The faq says that i can bundle the font with my software but not embed. What is the difference between bundling and embedding?




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