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[Freeipmi-devel] assemble_lan_packet issue

From: Albert Chu
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] assemble_lan_packet issue
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 11:57:13 -0800

Hey AB,

I thought about this issue when I tried adding another feature to ipmipower.

After a session has been established with the activate session command,
every packet thereafter may or may not require an authentication code
(it is dependent on the BMC configuration, in particular the
"per-message-authentication" configuration).  The current framework
assumes the user must authenticate with an authentication code on every

I think we can easily hide this within the assemble packet routine.  We

ipmi_lan_header_rq (IPMI_SESSION_AUTH_TYPE_NONE,  <---
    inbound_seq_num, session_id, NULL, 0,
    fn, lun, session_seq_num, &rmcp_hdr, &session, &msg);
ipmi_chassis_ctrl_rq (chassis_ctrl, &cmd);
assemble_ipmi_lan_rq_pkt (rmcp_hdr, session, msg, &cmd, cmd_len,
lan_pkt, lan_pkt_len);

If the user passes in AUTH_TYPE_NONE to ipmi_lan_header_rq, we will
simply not copy in the data from their authcode parameter.  The
assemble/marshall routine will marshll/copy data into the buffer
based on the the authentication type.

This design will also allow us to remove the ipmi_pre_session_t structure.

Note that I think we should keep the "pre-session" equivalent functions.
 Because those are particularly unique.


Albert Chu
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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