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[Freeipmi-devel] [PATCH: freeipmi]

From: Anand Avati
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] [PATCH: freeipmi]
Date: Fri, 14 Oct 2005 00:51:39 +0530
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sorry last patch was sent while i was almost half asleep :P here's a bit more 
decent one :P

> Why did you looking at "echo"s path for BMC_CONFIG?
> <  BMC_CONFIG=$(which bmc-config 2>/dev/null) || {
> >  BMC_CONFIG=$(which echo 2>/dev/null) || {

debug line sneeked in :( my bad..

> If you want to know the install prefix this his how you should do.
> Add your bmc-autoconfig as Let autoconf rewrite
> @prefix@ variable with the path info. Also you need to add
> fish/scripts/bmc-config/bmc-autoconfig line to AC_CONFIG_FILES in

probably not needed for bmc-autoconfig.. should it? if it needs i'll do that 
too.. i think bmc-autconfig is fine without it.
> Next time when you submit a patch, please follow these guide lines:
> --------------------------------------------------------------------
>  # ls
> freeipmi
> freeipmi-hacked
> # diff -pruN freeipmi freeipmi-hacked > NAME_OF_FIX-FREEIPMI_VER.diff

i think cvs diff is more convinient for both the submitter and the maintainer..

> Mail the patch as inline mail message to freeipmi-devel (@)
> with subject: [PATCH: freeipmi] actual subject

yes, did that this time.

> --------------------------------------------------------------------
> If not submit through Savannah web interface :p

will try that one day :P

> PS: Your from-address is broken - <address@hidden> ??

thanks for pointing...


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