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Re: [Freeipmi-devel] I just wonder if there is only CVS ;-)

From: Yaroslav Halchenko
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-devel] I just wonder if there is only CVS ;-)
Date: Wed, 4 Nov 2009 14:53:33 -0500
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Thank you Al for quick reply.

> Well there were no current plans.  However, I won't lie, I'm just lazy
> when it comes to conversion to newer better code repositories :-)
everyone is... now I am stuck with git (after CVS -> SVN -> GIT
evolution ;)

> Is this a specific request to move to GIT? 
well -- it could be considered as advice (I believe that git is supported
at savanna) ;-)
Original the reason of my original email was -- I thought to check
if there are any plans so I would not duplicate the effort.

> I'm not sure if I would want
> to move to GIT, I would probably prefer SVN.  However, if it helps out
> Debian people, it will perhaps make me move faster :-)
well, imho stepping from CVS to SVN is not worth an effort of switching
at this point of progress -- they are both centralized VCS, thus
amount of advantages would be somewhat minuscule in comparison if you
switch to some reasonable DVCS (such as git ;)).  Also GIT is probably
closer to some ideas of CVS than SVN is (at least this is how I felt
about having branches in CVS in comparison to exposed directories in

And No -- GIT is not required for Debian packaging... it is just that I
now (since I like to have it in git) would have to use git-cvsimport to
keep my GIT repository up-to-date to your CVS... May be at some point
you would try GIT with that repository and fell in love with it --
then transition to GIT would be more natural ;)

BTW, for whatever it is worth -- entire repository for freeipmi (as
imported via git-cvsimport) with checkout HEAD is 37M (.git itself is
only 17M, ie extracted sources take MORE than entire development
history). If you want I could email it to you (I want to reimport once
again to put proper names for login aliases as CVS reports -- may be you
have such file handy somewhere)?

Yaroslav O. Halchenko
Postdoctoral Fellow,   Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences
Dartmouth College, 419 Moore Hall, Hinman Box 6207, Hanover, NH 03755
Phone: +1 (603) 646-9834                       Fax: +1 (603) 646-1419

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