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Re: [Freeipmi-devel] Re: Another FreeIPMI beta w/ BMC watchdog workaroun

From: Albert Chu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-devel] Re: Another FreeIPMI beta w/ BMC watchdog workaround for Sun machines
Date: Tue, 06 Jul 2010 09:38:51 -0700

Hey Frank,

This is indeed very strange.  I assume the reboots are because the timer
eventually times out, perhaps because the resets are no longer working
(lets say the BMC goes out to lunch).

Does the bmc-watchdog log say anything interesting?  Normally
it's /var/log/freeipmi/bmc-watchdog.log.


On Mon, 2010-07-05 at 23:36 -0700, Frank Steiner wrote:
> Frank Steiner wrote
> > 2) The really bad thing was three of the X4100M2 being rebooted by the
> >    watchdog as reaction to a "bmc-watchdog -s -k" call I guess. The
> >    timer runs 15 minutes and I reset the watchdog by to independent
> >    instances  every 3 minutes. On all three machines I found this in
> >    the logs:
> Running some tests I can say for sure that the x4100M2 ILOMs are really
> really bad :-( When running a while-true loop for "bmc-watchdog -s -k",
> the x4100M2 will shutdown after at latest 2 hours and stay powered-off.
> When running the loop with "bmc-watchdog -r" it takes 5-6 hours but 
> then the machine is powered off, too.
> Kind of strange watchdog that can shutdown the machine when you reset it :-(
> Another thing for Sun to fix...
> cu,
> Frank
Albert Chu
Computer Scientist
High Performance Systems Division
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

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