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[Freeipmi-devel] Fujitsu's iRMC S2 - support for reading/writing of some

From: Dan Lukes
Subject: [Freeipmi-devel] Fujitsu's iRMC S2 - support for reading/writing of some configspace variables within ipmi-oem
Date: Mon, 27 Sep 2010 11:09:07 +0200
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The Fujitsu's iRMC has implemented proprietary function for reading/writing internal configuration variables.

Some of them hold the informations related to host operating system - for example OS version, hostname, system location and so on.

Then they are shown on (for example) CLI and WWW interface of iRMC. It's important especially when you have several boxes - without such identification and with several sessions opened to different computers it's hard to distinguish which window is which.

On supported operating OSes those variables are set by ServerView drivers. On unsupported OSes they are not set.

The IPMI interface for reading/writing configspace is proprietary interface not documented by FSC. I consulted some aspect of problem with Holger Liebig, but it changes nothing on previous sentence - I get no documentation of the interface from H.L nor FSC.

Despite of it I have working implementation in the form of patch against version 0.8.9 of ipmi-oem. It's tested on PRIMERGY RX100 S5 firmware 3.77A but it should work on similar system as well - and (more important) - in the case it doesn't work, it should not harm.

The resulting implementation work this way:
1 (write):
ipmi-oem Fujitsu set-system-info SystemName "$( hostname )"

2 (read):
ipmi-oem Fujitsu get-system-info SystemName

List of configspace variables I can read/write now:

Key: CabinetLocation <string> /* SNMP SysLocation */
Key: SystemName <string>
Key: SystemDescription <string>
Key: SystemContact <string> /* SNMP SysContact */
Key: ServerCabinetModel <string>
Key: ServerChassisModel <string>
Key: ServerSerialNumber <string>
Key: SystemIP0 <IPv4 (A.B.C.D)>
Key: SystemIP1 <IPv4 (A.B.C.D)>
Key: SystemIP2 <IPv4 (A.B.C.D)>
Key: SystemIP3 <IPv4 (A.B.C.D)>
Key: ServerOperatingSystem <string>
Key: AssetTAG <string>

My implementation is generic, it's easy to add support for other variables (I know many other than those listed above), but we need to be careful as blind playing with configspace may cause BMC malfunction.

Well - after this long prologue, the question is simple.

I don't know the project policy related to implementation of undocumented function. Are you interested to implement such think in public release of freeipmi ?

You can freely ignore this message if not interested.


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