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Re: [Freeipmi-users] Re: problem with freeipmi 0.5.3 and intel SE7221BK1

From: Al Chu
Subject: Re: [Freeipmi-users] Re: problem with freeipmi 0.5.3 and intel SE7221BK1-E
Date: Thu, 24 Jan 2008 09:15:48 -0800

Hey Ulrich,

Has any IPMI sensor software eventually worked on those motherboards for
you?  Vendor or open-source?


On Tue, 2008-01-22 at 20:29 +0100, address@hidden
> Welcome to the Club.....
> exact the same behavior on my Server
> using 
> Freeipmi 0.4.3
> Intel SE7320SP2
> please see my posting from 4.9.2007 containing some Test-Output 
> this must be related to the mBMC PC87431 from WINBOND (formerly National 
> Semiconductor) which is used on both Boards (SE7320SP2 and SE72221BK1-E)
> and several other Intel Server-Boards.
> You' would really help me (and others) spending some time on this problem
> any hints for debugging are welcome
> btw.
> Please read this PDF-Document containig a warning from INTEL regarding
> possible Memory-Module damage....
> exactly this did happen to me in November (2 DIMMS 1GB were killed)
> ----snip----
> Root Cause
> Investigation has determined that the inoperable condition is caused by the 
> DIMM Serial Presence Detect (SPD)
> information being corrupted. The SPD contains vital information about the 
> such as size, data width and speed.
> The BIOS needs this information to correctly configure the server during 
> Power 
> On Self Test (POST). When the SPD
> information is no longer readable, the BIOS will stop the boot process and 
> indicate a fatal system memory error.
> Investigation has shown that, under some circumstances, the mBMC may 
> incorrectly respond when another device
> such as a DIMM SPD is being addressed. In the case of the computer 
> interrogation software initiating memory
> discovery, the mBMC incorrectly responds to that software and writes 
> unintelligible information to the SPD. The
> condition is not limited to an interaction with other software such as 
> Intel’s 
> management software but is exacerbated
> when other software is running.
> ----snip ----
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