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[Freeipmi-users] Disabled temp sensors

From: Eric Pooch
Subject: [Freeipmi-users] Disabled temp sensors
Date: Sun, 2 May 2010 10:10:09 -0700

I am having several problems on my HP proliant dl140 G1

First, all my sensor values come back as [NA] even though most work properly under ipmitool.
I get the debug errors from ipmi-sensors:

Error reading event status for sensor #09: Invalid command
Error reading event enable for sensor #09: Invalid command

When I try ipmi-raw to send those commands, I also get the same error, so I think the commands are not supported on the sensors. The sensors are returning the proper information when I send a raw command to get their readings. (see below)

However, none of my temp sensors work properly in either freeipmi or ipmitool and I get a debug error:
Error reading sensor CPU1 Temperature (#0a): Destination unavailable

I get the same "destination unavailable message from event status and event enable. However, when I enter the raw ipmi command to read the temp sensor:
sudo ipmi-raw 0 04 2d 0A

it responds correctly:
rcvd: 2D 00 1B C0 00 00

The 1B is the correct temperature in Celsius that rises with processor load. It is definitely the correct temperature.
I have tried the bridge mode but I get an error also.
It seems like the sensor is responding correctly, but is disabled as far as the sdr is concerned? I can't enable it through a raw command because none of the sensors respond to the "event status" or "event enable" commands. So, I think maybe there something that is disabling the Temp sensor at another level. I noticed on the HP lightsout user guide that they have a setting "o PEF Control—Enables or disables the sensor. " I am not really sure how to make a change that would cause the sensor to be enabled.

Also, bmc-info returns IPMI version 1.0 that is probably not supported by FreeIPMI, but ipmi-locate, returns "IPMI Version: 1.5" for all of the devices.

Thanks for any help!

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