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[freesci-develop] FreeSCI stable test results (pt 2)

From: Hugues Valois
Subject: [freesci-develop] FreeSCI stable test results (pt 2)
Date: Sun, 29 Jan 2006 12:56:09 -0800

Hello everyone,

Here are some more stable testing results.

Leisure Suit Larry II v1.002 int#0.000.409

I completed the game (479/500pts).  No issues found!

The only thing noteworthy was this warning, which showed up around the time larry gets sand kicked on him by the guy on the beach (right after the lifeboat scene).

GFX Warning: \freesci\src\gfx\operations.c, L1895:Attempt to verify loop/cel values for invalid view 0

I could not reproduce bug 391 or 421.

Leisure Suit Larry III v1.021 int#0.000.572

So far so good, I'm at 223/4000 pts and haven't found any issues.

King's Quest IV v1.003.006 int # 0.000.409

No priority problems. Did not test any more than to check if the priority problems found in v1.006.004 were present.

King's Quest IV v1.000.111 int # 0.000.274

No priority problems. Did not test any more than to check if the priority problems found in v1.006.004 were present.

The Colonel's Bequest v1.000.046 int # 0.000.631

If I restore a game saved in Celie's house screen (where there are chickens), I am able to walk through the closed door. I didn't notice problems like this in other games, but I wasn't explicitely looking for it.

The following 2 are SCI01, which I realize are unsupported on stable. I figured I'd let you know anyway, since I had not seen mention of MUMG being playable before. I might test it on glutton later if I have time.

Mixed-Up Mother Goose v1.011 Int.#8.2.90 (3.5 floppy disks)

Could not determine interpreter version; hash code AA2C94B9.
Emulating SCI version 0.000.685

Game is generally playable. I was able to return a few lost items successfully.

There are sprite problems when people tell the player what they have lost.
What happens is that the item text appears in bubble, then picture appears on top of text, then bubble and picture disappear but the text never disappears.

The game eventually freezes when returning the bucket at the well. This was consistently reproduceable. The animations still played, but the cursor was no longer there, and I couldn't dismiss the lyrics on the screen. Does not appear to be related to abnormal memory usage.

King's Quest I v1.000.051

Game freezes (just like in Mixed-Up Mother Goose) when falling into the river in front of castle


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