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Re: [Freetalk-dev] Reconnect on Hangup?

From: James S. White
Subject: Re: [Freetalk-dev] Reconnect on Hangup?
Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2006 06:19:46 -0500 (CDT)

Is there a way to send a keepalive to the jabber server?

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On Tue, 8 Aug 2006, Anand V. Avati wrote:

> > Periodically I get:
> >
> > Disconnected from Protocol error (Hangup)
> >
> > And  i have to /quit then restart freetalk.
> > Is there a way to have freetalk auto-reconnect when this happens?
> just calling /connect manually will try to connect back to the same
> server/port[ssl] with the same username/password.
> it can be automated easily by calling (ft-connect) in the disconnection
> handler as a new extension
> An example of the versatility of freetalk is - the freetalk prompt
> itself is a scheme interpreter. Any line which is not understood by
> freetalk is treated like a scheme expession. So even after you are
> connected to your jabber server and chatting with your buddies, you can
> create a new reconnection feature seamlessly like this -
> ~\/~ address@hidden last message you sent
> ~\/~ (add-hook! ft-disconnect-hook (lambda (reason) (ft-connect)))
> ~\/~ address@hidden continue messaging
> and the new 'reconnection feature' got added on in runtime even without
> distrubing your IM session.
> cheers,
> --
> Anand V. Avati

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