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Re: [Freetalk-dev] Freetalk + Proxy

From: Debarshi 'Rishi' Ray
Subject: Re: [Freetalk-dev] Freetalk + Proxy
Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2006 12:41:52 +0530

I think, the proprietary ones are able to handle non-standard ports
because, they run their service at non-standard ports as well.

It seems Yahoo! has something called 'firewall with no proxy' which
GAIM does not yet support. I have not checked a libyahoo2 based client
though. But is the non-standard ports the only problem since GAIM does
not work even when I give port 80 to it. AFAIK the firewall blocks all
ports >1024.

But funnily, now that I have got the sysadmin to temporarily open the
ports, Freetalk still does not work, but GAIM does. Is this due to the
absence of 'proxy support'?

| Moreover during the 'make' stage it seems there is a conflict with
| the values of the $http_proxy, $ftp_proxy and so on...
version.texi is auto-generated. Your proxy env variable's values
should not get in there. Can you show your version.texi?

Ok. Here it is. I am attaching
/home/rishi/freetalk-0.69/doc/version.texi. I think the problematic
portion of version.texi is:


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