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Re: [Freetalk-dev] compile error in 0.90

From: Andor Demarteau
Subject: Re: [Freetalk-dev] compile error in 0.90
Date: Tue, 7 Nov 2006 21:12:34 +0100 (MET)

On Tue, 7 Nov 2006, Matthias Quasthoff wrote:
 > I think there is a patch to libjingle out there. I think u should search
 > for openssladapter and lingjingle in google groups or something (I found
 > it quickly back then)
here's the link:

seams it's missing a libery it nees where configure isn't checking for it
mkdir .libs
libtool: link: cannot find the library `/usr/lib/'
make[1]: *** [freetalk] Error 1

installing the extra package libltdl3-dev on debian (test/unstbale)
got rid of this error, this is an error in th configure script as it
should check for this lib IMHO

okay compilation compled, wish me luck in testing :)
cheers thanx for the quick responses sofar

 > HTH
 > Matthias

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