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[Freetalk-dev] GNU Freetalk 0.7 loudmouth branch resumes

From: Anand Babu Periasamy
Subject: [Freetalk-dev] GNU Freetalk 0.7 loudmouth branch resumes
Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2007 04:46:04 -0700

GNU Freetalk 0.7 development resumes on freetalk--main--3.0 branch.
Updates so far:
* Relicensed under GPLv3
* Replaced deprecated gh_* APIs to scm_*
* build fix
* Interpreter segfault fix
* Compiler warning fixes

GNU Freetalk libjingle version is closed, because libjingle depends on
proprietary ilbc codec library. It is very unfortunate!. I wish we had
known this earlier.

NOTE: We should use a proper convention for version numbers. Previous
version numbers are all over the place.
Happy Hacking!
Anand Babu Periasamy
GPG Key ID: 0x62E15A31
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