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[Freetalk-dev] freetalk and gmail

From: Graham Richards
Subject: [Freetalk-dev] freetalk and gmail
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2011 10:57:52 +0100

Hi all,

I am a daily user of freetalk 0.96 which I use to connect to google
chat, however as of friday I am no longer able to send messages. I
always used to get a message about an unhandled IQ message which
appeared to not represent and error, however I now receive two
unhandle IQ messages and /who gives me an empty list.

I can receive messages, but when I try and reply it says no such
buddy.  From looking quickly at the code it sounds like it would be
expecting a 'roster' message and now is receiving something else in
its place that it doesn't recognise.

Before I try and set up a environment for looking at this further, I
thought I'd post asking if this was a known issue or if theres
something different I need to do.  I'm just running the freetalk that
comes Ubuntu 8.04.1.

Best regards,

-Graham Richards

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