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Re: Configuring FT2 for TrueType only?

From: Jack Davis
Subject: Re: Configuring FT2 for TrueType only?
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 09:06:44 -0800

Thanks very much for your help, David.  Your description sounds very straight 

Thanks again,

At 10:00 AM 2/17/2000 +0100, David Turner wrote:
>Hi Jack,
> > Hi David/Werner,
> > 
> > I've started playing with the new FreeType-2 beta, and was wondering if 
> > there are any switches in the "make" or config.h header files that allow a 
> > library to be built with TrueType support only (I've looked but haven't 
> > seen anything obvious).  I don't need Type1, OpenType or sfnt support right 
> > now, and would prefer to keep my library build as simple and as small 
> > possible.
> >
>OK, Here's basically how to do it:
>   - change the list of modules statically linked to the library. The list is 
> in the
>     file "freetype2/config/<system>/ftmodule.h". You can easily modify it by 
> hand
>     to only keep the "sfnt" and "truetype" modules. "sfnt" is required for 
> FreeType.
>   - if you don't need embedded bitmaps, undefine the configuration macro
>     TT_CONFIG_OPTION_EMBEDDED_BITMAPS in "src/sfnt/sfconfig.h". Forget about
>     the same macro in "src/truetype/ttconfig.h", it is now obsolete and should
>     be removed shortly..
>   - if you don't need glyph postscript names, undefine the configuration macro
>     TT_CONFIG_OPTION_POSTSCRIPT_NAMES in "src/sfnt/sfconfig.h". Forget also
>     about the same macro in "src/truetype/ttconfig.h"
>   - if you *want* glyph postscript names, you should also undefine the 
> configuration
>     macro FT_CONFIG_OPTION_POSTSCRIPT_NAMES in "config/<system>/ftoption.h". 
> This is
>     because, by default, the "sfnt" module used the "psnames" module to 
> retrieve
>     Macintosh glyph names. With this macro undefined, it provides its own 
> glyph name
>     table without relying on "psnames".
>     Note that FT_CONFIG_OPTION_POSTSCRIPT_NAMES isn't necessarily listed in 
> all
>     "config/<system>/ftoption.h" files (I believe that only the Win32, and 
> maybe
>     Unix ones have it defined), but this isn't a problem
>   - If you do not want to compile the bytecode interpreter, simply undefine 
> the
>     macro TT_CONFIG_OPTION_BYTECODE_INTERPRETER in "src/truetype/ttconfig.h"
>     The "truetype" module will drop to about 8 Kb when compiled.
>   - Now rebuild the library. Don't bother about the "type1.o", "psnames.o" 
> and even
>     "type1z.o", as they will not be linked to the library code. If you really 
> do not
>     want them in your build, simply do one of the following :
>     - remove the directories "src/psnames", "src/type1" and "src/type1z"
>     - or simply rename the files "" and "" in them to 
> something
>       different (like "" and "" for example).
>     Then, these modules will not be compiled during your build.
>The final version of FT 2 will probably have higher-level configuration macros
>in "ftoption.h" to build what you're asking for. Also, most configuration 
>will be move upwards to "ftoption.h" instead of residing in 
>For now, you'll still need a little bit of configuration, sorry..
>Hope this helps,
>- David

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