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Re: FT2 design question

From: Stefan Seefeld
Subject: Re: FT2 design question
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2000 10:05:38 -0500

David Turner wrote:

> That's it for now. If there are other things that people would like to see in
> the high-level interface, they're welcome to comment on it in the list..

a question about hinting: I understand that to create a raster, I need to 
exact pixel relative positions so that the hinter can do it's work.
Is there functionality to create rasters under arbitrary transformations ? Can
I provide a rotation matrix and get a (correctly hinted) raster of a rotated 
glyph ?

and yet another about text processing: will you integrate at least the API for 
ligature information (I don't know how this processing is semantically done) ?
I understand that not all fonts provide such information but since for text 
such considerations are quite standard, I would expect that fonts not 
implementing it
would simpy return the unmodified string...

Best regards,   Stefan
Stefan Seefeld
Departement de Physique
Universite de Montreal
email: address@hidden


      ...ich hab' noch einen Koffer in Berlin...

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