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Re: FT2: some patches

From: Just van Rossum
Subject: Re: FT2: some patches
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2000 11:22:53 +0100

I wrote:
>> Ok, I delved into the deep,

Ahh, euro english...

>> and have actually been able to fix a
>> couple of things. (I hope that the current CVS version isn't a lot
>> behind David's personal copy ;-)

Werner wrote:
>Usually, I would apply these patches immediately, but since David is
>currently hacking FT2 heavily, I ask him to do it by himself...

As always, no rush, it's weekend after all ;-)

(I noticed that t1afm.{c|h} in src/type1 and src/type1z are identical, so
the patch applies to both. David: I know that the type1z driver is still
experimental, but I assume it will be the next official t1 driver. It
probably doesn't make sense to hack the "old" version, right? I haven't
tried the new one yet.)


PS: Werner, it occurred to me that our little ligature "issue" is largely a
matter of taste, and that discussions about it are akin to Perl vs. Python
vs. Lisp and tabs vs. spaces ;-)

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