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symbols in unix dlls (Re: FT2 Mac support)

From: Pavel Kankovsky
Subject: symbols in unix dlls (Re: FT2 Mac support)
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 13:56:59 +0100 (MET)

On Mon, 28 Feb 2000, David Turner wrote:

> What was the complaint ? With the command-line build system, "truetype.c" is
> simply a wrapper that includes all other TrueType C files. This has the 
> advantage
> of generating a single object file. Moreover, it eliminates many inter-module
> "externs", which is a good thing if you want to compile the driver as a DLL
> (on Unix, there is no "def" file to specify the DLL entries, all "extern"
> functions are simply exported publicly, bwaaaa :-()

FYI...AFAIK (no personal experience yet) recent Solaris (2.6+) tools as
well as recent GNU tools (probably mimicking Solaris ones) allow to
specify what symbols are to be exported from the shared object and
can do other tricks (e.g. multiple interfaces in one binary).

> I have fixed that in my sources, but it seems I can't commit the changes
> to the CVS server (????). If anyone knows what the error message :
>   cvs server: [11:12:08] waiting for uid1006's lock in 
> /cvsroot/freetype2/src/type1
> means really, he's welcomed to comment on it..

This means the directory is already locked by another instance of cvs
server (or another instance died unexpectedly and did not unlock the
directory...AFAIK, it is necessary to exterminate the lockfile manually
in such a situation).

--Pavel Kankovsky aka Peak  [ Boycott Microsoft-- ]
"Resistance is futile. Open your source code and prepare for assimilation."

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