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Re: FT2 Mac support

From: Just van Rossum
Subject: Re: FT2 Mac support
Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2000 17:20:10 +0100

At 12:35 PM +0000 28-02-2000, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
>> Btw, yesterday I ported ftview to MacOS (ie. wrote grmac.{c|h} ;-)
>> and that works nicely!
>Yuck, yuck!

Oh, the code is only half as yucky as grwin32.c (from which I borrowed quite a 
bit, if only the knowledge of how it works) ;-)

>Can we integrate this into FT2?

Sure thing!

I'll have to do some cleanups, and I need to double-check with you guys if the 
additional dirs I created are in the right place. (I must know before I submit, 
so I can be sure all dependencies work out of the box.)

I've created the following dirs and files:

(this is a CodeWarrior Pro 4 project file. It compiles a static lib called 
FreeTypeLib into the top level obj/ directory, which can be included by FT 
clients, such as ftlint and ftview)

I'm using the files ftconfig.h, ftmodule.h, ftoption.h and ftsystem.c from the 
config/ansi directory, but I can't judge whether it's neccesary or just 
preferred to create local copies in the config/mac directory. They work as is, 
and I don't like to create even more code duplication.

demo/mac -- directory for some Mac-specific stuff:
demo/mac/codewarrior -- the place for CW project files:
demo/mac/codewarrior/ftlint.prj -- it puts the executable into the demo/bin dir
demo/mac/codewarrior/ftview.prj -- same.

demo/mac/ftlint_mac.c -- wrapper around ftlint's main(), emulating argc/argv
demo/mac/ftview_mac.c -- wrapper around ftview's main(), emulating argc/argv
demo/mac/macgetargv.c -- support code for emulating argc/argv, adapted from 
demo/mac/ftlint.rsrc -- some supporting resources
demo/mac/ftview.rsrc -- some supporting resources

demo/graph/mac -- dir containing Mac back end for the graphics subsystem demo

I also have some minor patches to some files in demo/ but I'd first like to 
know whether the above is ok for inclusion, so I can submit everything in one 
go. Hm, I see there are some file and dir names that do not conform to 8.3. Let 
me know if that's absolutely neccesary to fix (I absolutely agree with Chris 
Herborth (hi fellow Pythoneer!) that it seems silly to conform to 8.3 for files 
that will never ever work under DOS.)

Next thing will be to create an FOND driver... I suppose I'll just create a 
directory called 'fond' in src/, right? However, this will take some more time. 
And maybe it's more fun to start working on those Python wrappers...


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