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Re: FT2 Mac support

From: Antoine Leca
Subject: Re: FT2 Mac support
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 13:46:35 +0100

Just van Rossum wrote:
> At 8:26 AM +0000 29-02-2000, Werner LEMBERG wrote:
> >Really?  In the freetype archive we have a file ending with .hqx, but
> >it is binary...
> Hm, I see: mac.hqx from the FT1.x distro. This is wrong, it appears to be a
> StuffIt file (a Mac ZIP-like archive)

You are correct.  I am probably the culprit, or someone's smart email program
did the conversion on-the-fly :-(.

> but .hqx *should* mean it's a 7-bit ascii encoded (== binhex) Mac file.

BTW, it appears to me that some tools really insists on CR line-endings
(that is, what is noral on Macs). Do the usual untargz programs used on Macs
(whatever they are) automatically convert the files, like some untar do
on DOS/Windows?

I can correct that by two ways: keeping the .sit (just changing the extension),
or converting it to BinHex, and changing its name to .sit.hqx (or whatever).
What do you prefer?

> (Btw. last week I had a brief
> conversation with the contributor of the Mac stuff in FT1.x: unfortunately
> he doesn't have the time to support it, and the current build is broken. I
> went straight to FT2...)

Just, or Dan if time allows, can you elaborate on what is brocken?
Is it easy to fix.

Unfortunately, I have no easy access to CodeWarrior, as my Mac LC is far
too old to support it :-). However, I do understand a reasonable number of
things to be able to do simple updates.

> >To continue what I've written in the last paragraph: What do you think
> >about mcftlint.c (but please no mcdonald.c) etc.?
> I actually consider contributing that particular subdirectory as a
> compressed mac archive, encoded as one single binhex file.

If you do that, every change will be seen by CVS as a whole replacement
of the .hqx, which basically defeats CVS purpose... (no tracking of
every modification, no way for two people to work at the same time)


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