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Small FT2 update

From: David Turner
Subject: Small FT2 update
Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 19:17:15 +0100


  Just to let you know that I recently updated the FreeType 2
  build system. The purpose of the changes was to avoid code
  duplication, as suggested by Just Van Rossum.

  Most of you will not care about this and can return to their
  regular broadcast programs :-)

Best Regards,

- David

PS: Changes.

- The ANSI versions of the files : "ftconfig.h", "ftoption.h" and "ftmodule.h"
  have been moved from "config/ansi" to "config"

- The ANSI ftsystem.c has been moved from "freetype2/config/ansi" to

- The system-specific "ftconfig.h", "ftoption.h", "ftmodule.h" and "ftsystem.c"
  that were simply copy of the ANSI ones have been deleted. To date, only
  "config/unix/ftsystem.c" remains in place, as it uses memory-mapped files
  (it overrides "src/base/ftsystem.c").

- The configuration rules files located in "config/<system>" have been renamed.
  For example:

     config/ansi/Makefile         =>   config/ansi/
     config/unix/Makefile.gcc     =>   config/unix/
     config/win32/Makefile.vcc    =>   config/win32/ 

- the modules list is now in "config/ftmodule.h"

- the rules files "", "" & "" have been changed

- Strictly nothing has changed in the way the library is compiled
  (always use "make setup", "make modules" and "make").

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