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Problem with type1 face bbox.

From: Andy Thomas
Subject: Problem with type1 face bbox.
Date: Sun, 07 May 2000 10:45:02 +0100


I am involved in the gimp-freetype project that is using the freetype
engine to create a "text renderer" plugin.

I have been trying to write a "fonttable" that displays all the fonts in
simple window and have come across a couple of problems.

1) If in a t1 font you ask for a bitmap of a glyph >
(FT_Face)face->num_glyphs the engine crashes.

2) I seem to be getting funny bbox values in the FT_Face object for a t1

For a simple Utopia font I get 

bbox.yMax 8977 bbox.yMin -250

from the BBox contained within the face which seems to be a little

I appologise if this is not the correct list to raise these problems, if
so please direct me to the correct address.

Thanks for a great font engine.



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