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Type1 fonts and hinting

From: James H. Cloos Jr.
Subject: Type1 fonts and hinting
Date: 18 May 2000 18:47:28 -0500

Hinting is not working properly for Type1 fonts in beta6.  Or at least
not those which use the type1 operator seac for accents.

Compare these two screen dumps of ftview viewing Lucida Sans
Typewriter (font version 1.003):


As a side note, w/o hinting and w/ the new aa, the font is readable in
in ftview at 100dpi as small as 6 points, though 7 is much better and
8+ show no fuzziness.

I've also found a freely distributable font which shows the same
problem.  ('Twas hard to find, most of the free ones just duplicate
the code for the base letter and accent rather than calling subs
and combining w/ seac.)  It is in the same dir:


(Hmm.  Interesting.  This font was included in a collection of
'non-shareware' free fonts, but says that it is shareware. [SIGH])

I compiled via just 'make;make' on a RH6.1 box.  I presume ftview is
using type1.o rather than type1z.o, though both are of course in the
libfreetype.a archive.  And in the ftview binary I see....

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